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Touch BR Single Vial (5ml)


Touch BR is for a caring and effective whitening of pigment spots, age related spots, freckles. It contains highly active components that prevent melanin synthesis. Get fast results for smooth, light and radiant skin!

Main Advantages:

Touch BR is an effective skin booster for whitening the skin as it decreases melanin synthesis, skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles. Not only does it provide a whitening effect, it is also illuminating and de-pigmentation to the skin.

  • Unique formula for whitening and brightening
  • Quick result and long-lasting effect

Product Purpose:

Mesotherapy Touch BR is used for lightening the skin and for evening the skin tone.


  • Pigment spots
  • Dyschromia
  • Age related darkening of the epidermis
  • Worsening of complexion due to extended sun exposure
  • Freckles

Touch BR can be used together with the BB Glow Red Light Therapy Device, Hydra Stamp, Hydra Roller, and Hydra Pen***

To have the best results it is recommended to have 5 to 6 treatments, each 1 to 4 weeks apart.



Each vial contains 5ml. Contains 3 biomimetic peptides (oligopeptide-51, oligopeptide-34, oligopeptide-50), hyaluronic acid, whitening complex XT80, vitamin C, niacinamide.