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Lipolytic The Red, Fat Dissolve For Face And Body Contouring (Hyaluron Pen)

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The Red, fat dissolve body and face contouring. Non-surgical liposuction becomes more and more popular every year. The Red, fat dissolve solution manufactured in South Korea is one of the most efficient products in this sphere. It efficiently eliminates fat deposits and cellulite in different parts of body. Improves skin clarity, natural beauty balance, face and body contouring

Box contain:

5 Vials * 10ml each


Open vial can be storage in the fridge for 2 weeks

no pain, no redness, no swelling, no fat liquefaction and necrosis.

The effect can be seen in two to three days. The effect line is carved.

The companion is 10 ml per fat. + Thin face, tighten and improve contour, not red or swollen.

All about the red 

The Role of Red:

1. Lipase activity

2. Decomposition and excretion of adipocytes

3. Skin regeneration

The RED feature:

The RED is the world's first addition of highly concentrated vitamin B12 and other active ingredients for rapid fat decomposition, promote rapid fat decomposition, and quickly exclude it from the body.

Different from the traditional fat-dissolving needle, it improves the shortcomings of the traditional fat-dissolving needle, such as easy pain, redness and swelling, and slow effect. It has been certified for its high safety, quick effect and little side effects.

It can be used for facial obesity, double chin and excessive body fat.

Main ingredients:

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)



The RED works:

Vitamin B12 can promote fat metabolism

Lecithin lecithin has the function of fat destruction and transport

Bromelain has the function of fat decomposition and eliminating inflammation