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Hyaluron Pen Disposable Syringe 0.3ml (Ampoule)


Hyaluron Pen Disposable Syringe 0.3ml (Ampoule)

Disposable Syringes (needle free) for the use with Hyaluron Pen 0.3ml. Transfer the Hyaluronic Acid or Fat Dissolve liquid to the disposable syringe, connect the disposable syringe to the Hyaluron Pen and start infusing into the skin.  


  1. Product name: Disposable sterile ampoules.

  2. Applicable area: 0.3ml is mostly for face, can be also used for other body parts 

  3. One time use, do not use on more then one person,


  1. Product Name: Hyaluron Injection Pen Accessories

  2. Model: B26400

  3. Material: Plastic

  4. Capacity: 0.3ml

  5. Used For Hyaluron Pen infusion.