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KIT: Hydra Roller 64pins- 0.5/1mm with EGF Gold Serum


Hydra Roller 64 pins - 0.5mm, 1mm


Hydra Roller helps to stimulate collagen production and increase the absorption of skincare products.

The traditional derma roller is not easy to operate, as you have to use and apply the serum at the same time. The new Hydra Roller with attached glass bottle combines nanoneedles with essence liquid and imports it automatically.


  • 64 pins, Titanium needles
  • 0.5mm and 1mm
  • Nanoneedles 0.20mm each
  • 1 piece in a box
  • For one person use, do not transfer used cartridge to another person
  • Glass bottle. Do not drop, it can break


  • Easy to use
  • Can be done as a self-therapy
  • Rapid treatment and effect
  • Very high effective serum delivery
  • For thin skin or bone area, use 0.5mm, for thick skin use 1mm

Can Be Used With:

  • Innotox - face and neck wrinkles 
  • Vitamins and serums
  • Gold Peptide / Revenue and repair skin damages
  • Salmon Serum / for skin rejuvenation, skin and scar repairing
  • Whitening / Repair skin pigmentation
  • Acne / Resolve problematic skin issues
  • Bijunel Serums: Reju, Hyaluronic acid, Slim-Line
  • Products available at our shop

How To Use:

  • Disinfect the roller before and after each use
  • Recommended to apply an analgesic cream before use
  • Clean the area you will work on and apply numbing cream
  • Fill the sterilized bottle with active ingredients
  • Roll on desired area horizontally, vertically and diagonally as needed
  • With clean hands, massage the leftover serums into the skin
  • Face mask can be used after the treatment (available at our shop)
  • Let the skin air dry and do not wash the face for 24 hours


  • Sterilize the Hydra Roller with medical alcohol before and after use
  • Store the Hydra Roller carefully. Keep out of reach from children
  • Storage temperature not more than 75 degrees
  • Be careful with the glass bottle 
  • Do not use if there's any skin allergies
  • Dermatosis patients are forbidden to use
  • Personal use only do not share with others


  • Roller touching the gold lever, while rolling it will insert the serums into the skin, use light pressure and roll. 
  • The speed of the rolling is proportional to the amount of serum that will insert the skin. Fast is more, slow is less.
  • Lightly shaking the bottle can increase the amount the serum exudes.

Stayve EGF Gold Serum is a highly enriched anti-wrinkle serum comprised of many plant extracts and niacinamide. It retrains tyrosinase, the main factor in producing melanic pigment. It visibly brightens dark skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The serum can be directly applied to your skin and body. It’s quick to penetrate deeply into your glowing skin.