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Kit: Dermalax with Hyaluron Pen


This kit concludes: Hyaluron Pen device, Dermalax Deep Plus, Dermalax Plus, 10-0.3mL disposable syringes, and a pre-treatment 30g numbing cream.

Hyaluron Pen Device: The Nano Hyaluron Pen, CE approved,  is a device that generates enough pressure (800km/1sec) to penetrate and launch Hyaluronic acid into the human skin. The non-invasive treatment helps rejuvenate the subjected area and reduce fine lines on your face and body volumetry.
Dermalax Plus: Is cross-linked with a supreme quality of Hyaluronic acid that helps your skin maintain its optimum moisture levels. The infused formula allows for a comfortable experience for the subject, all thanks to its collagen and elastin-boosting properties. This solution facilitates skin cell renewal and thus provides you with healthy, youthful looking skin that many desire! Your results can last six to eight months.
Hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml cross-linked, 0.3% Lidocaine

Dermalax Deep Plus: This filler has been tested and proven safe for the use on all skin types. It is recommended to be used with a Hyaluron Pen and is ideal for face sculpting and contouring.The Dermalax Deep Plus can plump lips, as well as reshape the chin, nose and forehead, and the face as a whole.

Neo-Cain: This is the only topical action product that allows performing various procedures with meso threads for the face, as well as for the body (the depth may vary from 5 to 8 mm). Neo Cain Cream is the best solution for the fractional mesotherapy of the body (the depth may vary from 2mm to 4mm), micro liposuction and permanent makeup.

Results can last up to a year, depending on the client's age.

Hyaluronic acid 24mg/ml cross-linked, 0.3% Lidocaine