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Hydra Pen Replacement Cartridges | 12 Pin Nano Cartridges


Nano Derma Stamps Cartridge are available in 2 lengths 0.5mm, 1mm.

How It Works:

The cartridge is placed in the Hydra Pen, when the needles/cartridge works on the skin up and down, the serum penetrates from the applicator automatically and pushes the serum into the skin. The needle's length determines the depth the serum is infused into the skin.


  • Needles: 12p (12 needles in a cartridge)
  • Thickness of each needle: 0.20mm (nano)
  • Material: Container plastic, needles stainless steel
  • Packed: Individually in a pre-sterile package
  • Disposable use: Each cartridge is for one time use only


**This product is intended for use with the HYDRA PEN**