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Hyaluron Pen Basic Online Training, Lips, Face Wrinkles, Fat Dissolve,


(65min Video) 

This training is intended for students that do not have any experience with the Hyaluron pen skin treatment. It is a little more than a one-hour video, where you will learn step-by-step how to work with a Hyaluron pen. On this video you’ll learn how to prepare your pen with hyaluronic acid, how to set up your pen, and all procedure methods (i.e., lips infusion: natural look, plumb lips, sharp shape, how to create Cupid bow, fuller lips, Russian style, corners lift, asymmetrical lips, and how to fix them). We will also go into detail about the area to avoid on lips, that is not safe, why sometimes clients have lumps and bruises. We will perform these procedures on two models’ lips, one that is young and one that is mature. Show the variance in skin.

Next, we will show you how to use a filler for the smile lines and wrinkles and how to properly infuse, avoiding the areas that aren’t to be touched.

You will also learn in detail the fat dissolve skin treatment. We will show you how to set your pen up, prepare the product, how much product must be used and how to administer it. We will also emphasize the amount of times we must perform this treatment in order to have great results.

Questions after you watched the class? We offer Unlimited Support via our private FB student only group. join Nano Hyaluron Pen by NanoGlow Academy on FB and ask us all your questions. the trainer will answer and support you with all your needs.

Training will include an exclusive starter kit: (Kit Value $550)

  • Nano Hyaluron pen with two replaceable tips 0.3 and 0.5ml - $200

  • 4 Syringes (2 Boxes) Pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid, each with 1.1ml total 4.4 ml HA / Bonetta Fine and Bonetta Deep - $178

  • 10 disposable syringes 0.3ml - $29

  • 5 disposable syringes 0.5 ml + Adapter $20

  • 1 Vial (10ml) Fat dissolve product - $69

  • Step-by-step digital book - $69

  • Release and after care form
  • 75 min video step-by-step on face volumetric, cheeks, chin, jaw line, Mesotherapy, Fat Dissolve

  • Certificate