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Dermalax Plus


Dermalax Plus - Hyaluronic Acid 20mg/ml crossed Linked

Dermalax plus light filler for lips hydration and small wrinkles.
Dermalax plus belonging to Dermalax product line is intended for fighting off first wrinkles. It smoothes small lines, crows feet, and can make the skin look beautiful and radiant again. 
Main advantages:
  1. The basic component of “Dermalax plus” is hyaluronic acid produced by Japanese manufacturer SHISEIDO. It is valued for high quality and safety. 
  2. It is monophasic, that’s why it can easily and evenly fill in problematic areas. 
  3. Stabilized BDDE ensures long-lasting result. 
  4. Apart from correcting esthetic defects it moisturizes skin and stimulates natural rejuvenation processes. 
  5. Procedure is painless. 
Purpose of product usage
Dermalax plus is used for smoothing small lines and for filling in nasolacrimal groove. 
Facial areas of application:
  • Glabellar.
  • Periorbital.
  • Perioral.
  • Nasolacrimal groove.
The product is manufactured by Dermalax, South Korea in the form of a syringe filled with 1.1 ml. of gel. The filler is viscous and plastic gel containing hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin in concentration 20 mg/ml. 
The package is completed with 1 Vial 
60 g
Hugel Inc / South Korea

Box content: 

1×1.1ml Vial 

Product composition: 

  • 20mg/ml stabilized hyaluronic acid


With 0.3ml Hyaluron Pen

Duration of the effect: 

Depending on your age and individual lifestyle factors, the filler can last for 12 + months after the application. 

So far, there are no reported side effects, associated with the use of this product. However, whenever in doubt of any allergy or potential sensitivity, please consult with a medical care specialist.