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Bonetta Filler - Fine 2.2ml (2*1.1ml )

$89.00 $69.99

Bonetta Fine, Cross linked, Hyaluronic Acid Filler 

High Quality Filler used and recognized by many plastic surgeons in Korea.

Bonetta Fine 24ml HA:

1 Box 2.2ml

2 Syringes x 1.1ml

Bonetta HA Line 24mg/ml:

Bonetta Fine - Natural lips (Hydration), thin face wrinkles, crows-feet, mesotherapy (6-8 months results)

Bonetta Deep - Plump Lips, smile line, face wrinkles (8-12 months results)

Bonetta Volume - plump lips, cheekbones, chin, jawline (up to 14 months results)


Safe and Long-lasting effect.

Safe and Fast recovery.

Lidocaine 0.3% reduces pain during the procedure.

Soft and smooth procedure.

The Bonetta Filler is the best filler that pursues the best qualities that make beauty.

Fillers are gel formulations infused into skin.

Their benefit is three-fold: The product adds immediate volume.

Some fillers bind with water, for additional plumping after treatment.

Introducing filler into skin stimulates your body’s production of collagen for healthier, firmer, skin with more internal hydration. Face fillers generally have moderate to heavy viscosity.

Thicker fillers are placed in deep skin layers, typically on the upper half of the face.

They replace volume that is lost as we age, thus re contouring youthful facial features.

Medium products are ideal for filling lines and wrinkles and softening deep folds.

Lip infusion are administered with thinner, silky-smooth fillers.

These products can be used to augment lips, define the shape of the mouth, and smooth fine perioral.