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Nano Derma Stamps 42p for BB Glow


This is NanoGlow Academy's special needle for BB Glow and nanoneedling treatments.

Working with 42p cartridge for BB Glow treatments will provide better coverage, less skin damages and better long-lasting results.

Nanoneedling with 42p cartridge treatments can be done every two weeks, as there is no need to wait four weeks for healing like with 12p, 24p or 36p cartridges.

  • Minimum 10 needles in a pack
  • For use with the NanoGlow Academy Nanoneedle Pen
  • Each cartridge is sterilized and individually packed
  • Longer lasting results for any treatment 
  • Can be used with any type of microneedling serums, (not just BB Glow products)

Diameter of each needle: 0.20mm (acupuncture needle)

Length: 2.0mm

Material: Stainless Steel

42 Pin Cartridge

BUY PACK OF 50, GET EXTRA 10 FOR FREE ($3.5 per cartridge)