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Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringes 31G 1cc 5/16", 10 Pack


  • Medical Supply - U-100 31G 1CC 8MM (5/16") insulin syringes with needle comes individually sealed in a blister package ensuring maximum safety and sterility.
  • Clear, easy to read unit numbers – You’ll get an accurate dosage every time. The numbers on the large, clear graduation barrel of the single-use injection syringe are bold and precise.
  • Smooth Plunger, Leak-Proof – Easy to hold, equipped with a plunger that’s very easy to operate with one hand. The plunger on the disposable small syringe won’t get stuck and creates a leak-proof seal.
  • Fine Needle Reduce Pain  –  These are ultra-fine, short needles ensuring a quick, painless injection.
  • 10 Syringes in a Pack - 1CC equal to 10 Units 


**This product is intended for dispensing product only-not intended for injection**