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At NanoGlow Academy, students have the chance to learn European techniques that deliver the most up-to-date hands-on European techniques that will educate you in nano technology, color and more.

Spend a full 8-hour day with us in one of our hands-on Masterclasses; which are designed to provide you with the most current skin care treatment solutions, from Europe, for face and body.

Using the best techniques, tools, and devices, NanoGlow Academy is committed to our students and the mission of providing premium and innovative training in cosmetic treatments and permanent makeup. Our goal is to ensure that every student finishes each Masterclass with the knowledge and confidence needed in order to experience success in the industry, while ensuring client safety. Students will learn by hands-on methods as they practice each treatment on live-models.

Whether you're completely new to the industry or a practicing cosmetologist, looking to advance your education and industry knowledge, our training is designed to lead you to a lucrative career. You will walkaway from our Masterclasses with a better understanding of each skin care treatment, along with a Certificate of Training.